Frequently Asked Questions

Do you price match?

If there is a company that offers simular service to ours, we would definitly take a look at it and see what we can do. But there is not many companies in the area that offer the same exact service as us. Our outstanding company will leave you astonished due to our incredible amenities at affordable prices.

What if I leave something on the bus?

We are not responsible for your belongings, but if you think you left something, give us a call and we can check our lost and found. Our friendly staff will give you a hand searching for your belongings inside our vehicles. Although, we cannot give you back alcohol you left on the bus.

Is there a deposit to pay to make a reservation?

Yes there is. When you call to make your reservation, the booking agents will tell you how much it will be. There are some circumstances in which the deposit may be a little more than normal so that's why we are not putting how much you'll pay. Just to avoid confusion.

Where will the bus take us? Is there any limits?

The bus will take you where ever you want to go in Nebraska, as long as you are back by the end of your reservation time or agree to pay for the extra time. You can drive one way for half the time and turn around and come back. You can even stop 50 times. It's up to you.

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View common questions below or give us a call.

Find the answer to your questions here. If you don't see your question, don't be afraid to call us and ask. Our booking agents will answer any questions you have.

There is no limit on how long you can rent a bus for. You can go days if you want. Just know that if it is for a long time, like 12+ hours, we will have to exchange the chauffeur so that you can always have a refreshed driver.

You cannot smoke in the vehicle. We want our vehicles to stay fresh for every customer. Not allowing smoking also decreases the chance of damage and you having to pay to fix it. You are allowed unlimited smoke breaks so when ever you want to take one, simply tell your driver and they will pull over at the first, safe change they get.

You can drink in the bus as long as everyone is over 21 years old. If there is someone who is under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on the bus. We do not supply you with alcohol, you'll have to bring your own. There is no limits on how much you can bring. Just make sure you either drink it all or take it with you at the end of the night. Unlike personal belongings, we are not allowed to give you back any alcohol you left on the bus after your run.

That's fine! We understand that once you are having fun, it's hard to stop. Unlike other companies, you will not be charged a rediculous amount for going over. You will be billed your normal rate but in 15 minute increments so that you are not paying for time that you didn't use. For example, your hourly rate is $120 and you just went 10 minutes over, you'll end up having to pay $30.

Your time starts at the time you made your reservation. We try to be there a little before your reservation time. Time you don't pay for but it does help. It's also just incase the driver encounters traffic on the way to your pick up. If we are a few minutes late, your time at the end will be pushed the few minutes from the start. You have unlimited stops so you aren't charged for making stops. You rent the time for a certain amount of hours and those hours are straight consecutive hours, so yes, while you are in the bar or the club, you're time is still running.

When you make your reservation, we recommend giving us all your destinations and addresses. That way the chauffeur can take a look and map their route. You don't have to give us your destinations though. They know where most things in the area are. The chauffuers will work with someone giving them directions or giving them an address. Each chauffeur carries a GPS on them so that they can find the destination, avoiding getting lost.

Once you have paid your deposit, you cannot cancel. You will have to pay the full amount you agreed upon even if you don't use the service. You cannot change the date of your reservation. The only thing you might be able to do, depending on availability, is upgrade/downgrade your vehicle or move your time eariler/later.

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