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Our company has been in business since 2008 and we work hard at keeping up the reputation we have. We work hard so that you can sit back and relax.

We have some great employees who work for us. All of whom have a part in your reservation, even if you don't actually talk to them. You first come into contact with the booking agents, then before your reservation, a mechanic, and during your reservation, your chauffeur.

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The booking agents here are always friendly and helpful. They want to help you get the best deal possible. When you call us, they can have your quote for you in just a few moments after they have asked you some questions. This is so they can give you an accurate price instead of ball parking it and maybe making you angry later when the price all of a sudden is higher. They will answer any questions you have. They will also inform you of everything you need to know. Like that there's no cancellations, that the price they give you is your final cost and that there's no hidden fees. What's best about them, is that there is always someone available at all times to answer you phone calls. So when you have the time to call us, you can.

The mechanics here are good. They are constantly working on and improving all the buses. We want to make sure that all buses are in working order. That way, you well have that peace of mind. We would never send you a bus that we thought wasn't safe. Everything on and in the bus should be in working order. The chauffuers check the electronics in the buses before each booking to make sure that you'll be able to enjoy them. If they aren't working, a mechanic promptly finds and fixes the problem.

Our chauffuers are true professionals. Firstly, they are properly dressed. They won't show up in jeans and a tee. Our chauffeurs are very familiar with the area. They know where most destinations are. If there is a time that they don't know where something is, they all carry a GPS so that they can simply input the address and find the destination. Most of our chauffeurs look at your destinations beforehand so that they can plan their route. That's why it's nice to give us all your destinations when you make your reservation, though it's okay if you don't. We know that it can seem sightly weird having someone you don't know drive you around but rest asure, you are in great hands. Each chauffeur is throughly screened. They each have had a background check, driving history check, drug test and a driving test. They are the best around.

Call us today to know why were are the #1 choice in the area!

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